Empowering Youth and Adults Through Creativity

The happiness and success of our young people rests on more than academic achievement and IQ. They need life skills often missing from traditional teaching and youth program. Our mission is to create a movement of people who are able to fill that gap, providing creative, transformative learning experiences to help the next generation to tap into their full potential.

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We offer training and support to people just like you to help you become and inspiring and life changing social artist. We work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds including teachers, youth workers, artists and programme leaders. We also forge partnerships with organisations and communities across the globe. Although we specialize in youth empowerment, many of the people in our network also use these skills in a variety of settings including working with adult groups or driving positive change in their communities.

Our training teaches and nurtures the creative skills required to engage young people. We offer a rich resource of tools that can be integrated into existing teaching practices or after-school workshops, camps and residential programmes for even deeper personal growth – and a model to help you set them up from scratch.

Combining this with a greater understanding of group dynamics and content delivery, we empower our trainees to create learning experiences with real impact. The outcome is a network of thousands of social artists worldwide who are empowering young people to be better able to connect with who they are and create the life they really want.


The Creative Community Model

Our ‘train the trainer’ approach follows the Creative Community Model, which is based on the premise that we’re all innately creative – and you don’t need to be a professional artist to borrow powerful techniques from the arts. The Model integrates music, rhythm, visual arts, theatre, creative writing, story telling and movement into the group facilitation and learning process. It also fosters the spirit of a creative community, whether that’s in a classroom or an organisation, within which participants are supported to express themselves, take creative risks, learn by doing and are seen and heard by others. In turn, trainers gain the creativity to become more imaginative and flexible in their delivery.

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Our network

We are an international not-for-profit organisation and have established partnerships with organisations, communities and schools around the world, with a core focus on adolescents, aged 14 to 18. In 2013 alone, we trained 2,000 adult practitioners representing 500 organisations in eight countries, reaching over 200,000 young people. Through PYE’s online learning network, we also regularly engage with over 10,000 practitioners globally, offering free resources and the opportunity to connect with one another, learn and share.


We are a registered charity in the US  (501-c-3 no. 90-0429162) and UK (Charity registration no. 1140994).


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