Oakland, USA, Creative Facilitation 2, Nov 1-2

When: Sat & Sun Nov 1-2, 2014
Where: Oakland, CA, USA


Calling all Bay Area Change-Makers!

This training is complimented by Creative Facilitation Level 1 (CF1). While Creative Facilitation 1 introduces models and techniques for bringing the arts into your work, Creative Facilitation 2 is all about you as a facilitator.

In this 2-day experiential professional development workshop you will increase your skill as a facilitator using arts-based methods to develop high performance learning communities that support creativity and social and emotional learning.You will gain tools that will strengthen your presentation and facilitation skills. You will learn how to guide groups effectively and with confidence. You will discover how help a group come alive, develop a high level of participation, and how to create an atmosphere where participants take creative risks and speak from the heart. This workshop offers best practices based on years of experience developing and leading highly successful creative programs for multicultural groups of youth and adults. More information on Creative Facilitation 2

Join us and Learn:

  • How to relate and respond to challenging participants
  • Effective communication techniques
  • How to create a safe space for honest and creative expression
  • How to present yourself comfortably, clearly and confidently to a group
  • How to design and deliver effective lessons, workshops and meetings

“I left feeling inspired and empowered with tools to create change through art.”
Shirley Berry


Date: Sat & Sun November 1-2, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m -5:00 p.m
Venue: Destiny Arts Center, 970 Grace Avenue, Oakland, CA 94680
Cost for Level 2: Full rate: $300, Freelance/non-profit: $250, Early bird (before October 17th): $200
Creative Facilitation Level 1 AND 2: Full Fee: $600 Freelance/Non-profit: $450, Early Bird (register before October 17th): $380


524884_520804901281380_1319779367_nThe Brazil Team Gathering

“I was amazed by the large amount of skills that I gained from every single activity. It made me appreciate arts-based tools in a whole new way.”
CF1 Training alumni, Seattle


Lead Trainer

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 16.00.02Charlie Murphy, PYE Co-founder and CEO, is internationally recognized for his ground-breaking work using the arts to bring depth, relevance and effectiveness to organisations and educational programmes. A highly acclaimed facilitator and presenter, Charlie has worked with organizations, schools and businesses on five continents. In 2005 he received an Ashoka Fellowship for innovation in the youth development field.




In partnership with:

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What People Say About US

“The training has transformed the community building efforts with youth in our programs.”
Ashoka Youth Venture

“I feel that CF I & II have really been the catalyst for me: an experience of deeper engagement with life and those around me. Almost daily, I find myself engaging with any one of the countless practical tools the CF I & II have given me.” Robin E. Conolly, CF Alumni

“Creative Facilitation is a fun, engaging and reflective learning experience – it is the most useful professional development experience that I have ever had.” Michele Chai, Planned Parenthood


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